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a series of educational workshops, learning sessions and mentoring, aimed at providing entrepreneurs and businesses with the practical knowledge they need to succeed.

Broken into four areas; Sales, Marketing, Finance and Operations, ROW Academy is based on real life business practice, not theory. Beginning with a series of workshops given by mentors who are experienced professionals in each area and armed with the experience and knowledge you need to grow your business.

Each area will have one essential overview session and two in depth masterclasses which will help you develop a deep understanding of the area and help your business grow to the next level.


ESSENTIALS will be held on the following dates:
13th February - Sales Essentials
27th February - Marketing Essentials
13th March - Finance Essentials
27th March - Operations Essentials


Individual essentials tickets cost €45.00. In-depth Masterclass tickets cost €65.00



The Sales Essentials is a two hour workshop delving into both online and offline sales and how your sales strategy is affecting your business. Join DC Cahalane, CEO Republic Of Work, together with Emmet Florish, and Fraser Heaslip, Touchdown Partners, to help you to understand the absolute essentials in selling, whether it be via an online platform or face-to-face.


The Marketing Essentials will give you a broad overview of how your marketing activity both online and offline can convert your business leads to customers and become your best sales tool. DC Cahalane, CEO Republic Of Work has experience in Sales, Marketing and Business Development, helping over 65 startups across the globe scale, he will share practical knowledge that will empower you to make better marketing decisions for your business.


The Finance Essentials workshop will provide an overview of all aspects of maintaining proper books of account for a start-up or small business and will also touch on cash flow management, tax registration and compliance.


This workshop will cover a wide spectrum of business operations and operations management which are essential in delivering your businesses products and services to customers.