All Things Flexible

We are kicking off 2019 here in Republic of Work focusing on all things flexible with the launch of our new Flexi Membership. The benefits of flexible working have been widely promoted and with good reason - take it from us! (Need to add hyperlink here). Research from Deloitte found that three-quarters of millennials are more likely to stay in a role if offered a flexible contract. Let's explore the benefits and opportunities that come with flexible working!

Job placement service Workopolis recently found that keyword searches for positions containing the words “work from home” and “remote” tripled over a three-year period. Over the last half-century, the pace of business has rapidly changed. Technology, communications, family structures, job roles, recreation and entertainment have all had large parts to play in this!

In lieu of your typical Monday-Friday 9-5 working week, more and more people are choosing to work remotely in order to better accommodate their lifestyle. Here’s why:

The benefits of flexible working are endless:

  • Flexibility to look after family & personal needs

  • Improved work/life balance

  • Positive impact on health & wellbeing

  • Increased creativity & productivity

  • Decreased levels of burnout

  • The freedom to work at your own pace

Flexible contracts come in a number of different shapes and sizes - for night owls starting and finishing late, to job-sharing and part-time working. Our flexi membership allows you to take control of your work schedule, decide when you want to come and go, all the while connecting and working alongside like-minded people in a friendly environment.

Here at Republic Of Work we know how to mix business with pleasure. With your flexi-membership you will have access to members only events which vary from networking and consulting to suit your business needs or wellness and members mixers for when you need to take a well deserved break. We at Republic of Work realise that a flexible work schedule requires a flexible work environment- we’ve got you covered!

The Flexi-Membership

Sign up for our flexi-membership now and gain access to the following:

  • Subscription to our weekly Member's newsletter

  • Access to members only events

  • Access to the REPUBLIC OF WORK Member's Slack channel

  • 2 credits worth €70 +VAT

  • Meeting room hire at Member's rate

Available Add-Ons:

  • Day Passes: €35/day + VAT

  • Meeting rooms €35/hour + VAT

  • Mail & Package Handling €40/month + VAT

After 30 days you can continue your Membership at €45 + VAT a month.

Want to learn more about Republic of Work? Get in touch or book a tour!

Jason Woodard