Ditch the office and opt for a productive off-site meeting instead; bring your team to REPUBLIC OF WORK for a dedicated day to think strategically about your business.

Suitable for up to 15 people, the Innovation Suite at REPUBLIC OF WORK gives you the space to think differently about your business, work out your goals and objectives and get your whole team on the same page!

 Off-site team days improve employee understanding of a company's overall strategy and positioning. A team who understands the big picture can make more valuable contributions to company objectives.

 Studies have also shown that working together on strategic projects contributed to a shared feeling of success and massively improves overall company culture.

Our dedicated Innovation Suite gives you the space and the technology to encourage creativity and productivity. Featuring an interactive whiteboard and projector, a large screen for group presentations, some of the best lunch options in Cork City and complimentary tea and Nespresso coffee to fuel your team, what more do you need to bring your business to the next level!

Sound interesting? Drop us a line and we’ll respond immediately with everything you need to get your offsite off to a great start!

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