Chamber Republic

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Having just celebrated our first year open at REPUBLIC OF WORK we are tremendously excited about the buzz of commercial activity in the city core of Cork. Across our first year, we've engaged with probably all the major business groups and representatives bodies in the city.

in particular, we've really enjoyed collaborating with Cork Chamber on a number of activities. If our first year in business taught us anything its the importance of networking and connections when it comes to doing business in Cork. Since Cork Chamber have been around for nearly 200 years, they've learned a thing or two about business in Cork during that time.

As we look forward to all the exciting development about to take place at the heart of our great city, we realised that we need a much closer working relationship with all of the other 'interested parties' that share our vision for the future of Cork City. No other business group in the city shares this same vision more than Cork Chamber.

So, we decided to formalise the relationship and put a ring on it, so to speak. We are delighted to announce CHAMBER REPUBLIC, our brand new partnership with Cork Chamber

This new partnership with Cork Chamber will allow the many great Cork companies that comprise the membership of the chamber, access to a city centre base for their activities. The member businesses of Cork Chamber will be able to enjoy a range of new facilities and benefits here at REPUBLIC OF WORK as a result of the new partnership. Going forward, Cork Chamber and REPUBLIC OF WORK will cooperate in a wide range of areas, including;

  • Co-host events helping Cork businesses innovate and grow
  • Chamber members will have full access to REPUBLIC OF WORK’s Members Only events and industry briefings. 
  • Chamber members will have access to co-working space and discounted meeting rooms, here at 12 South Mall. 

Over time the partnership will expand into other areas. This partnership also builds on Cork Chamber’s recently announced initiative, where startups under one year in business are being offered free membership of Cork Chamber in a move to support the growth of new, indigenous businesses across Cork. You can read more about the Pioneer Membership, right here.

To the great team at Cork Chamber, we look forward to working with you.