Republic Of Talk - Series 1

Introducing REPUBLIC OF TALK - a mini series of advice and tips from a diverse group of Cork business people!

Since opening our doors, in March, we've got to meet some fantastic business people who've shared their knowledge & business advice with us and now we're bringing it to you! Starting out in business can be unpredictable and it can be helpful to receive guidance and advice from other experienced business people. This advice is given as a source of inspiration from those who are doers, not simply dreamers.

Brought to you by REPUBLIC OF WORK with the fantastic, Cork based, AV3 Media.

Ronan Murphy, CEO Smarttech

Ronan operates the world's most sophisticated cybersecurity operation center. Ronan works daily with an elite team of engineers, support teams and sales executives who are building Smarttech into a global leader in managed security services.

Jason Woodard, Owner Huckleberry's Doughnuts

Jason set about building a business from Social Media and establishing his own personal brand in late 2016, he opened Cork's first doughnut shop in November and has marketed the business solely through social media.

Jayne Ronayne, Founder KonnectAgain

Jayne talks about her online tool that strives to connect students, schools, universities and workplaces together all over the world. 

Aidan Duke, Owner Dukes Coffee Company

Dukes is a family-owned and run business which has been serving exceptional coffee and food to the people of Cork since 2005.

Paul Prendergast, Co-Founder Blink Innovation

Cork-based Blink Innovation designed a software platform that allows it to sell different types of 'smart' insurance products. The first one that the company is working on is a travel insurance product that would automatically process claims in the event of a flight cancellation.

Brendan Keary, Dealer Principal Keary's Motor Group

Brendan talks about the working in motor industry and how it has changed over the years with social media and video now playing an important role in the sector.

Jonathan Healy, Broadcaster/MD Healy Communications

With over 20 years experience as a broadcaster, Jonathan has a wealth of experience in communications, now operating in corporate communications/storytelling, media training and event facilitation.

Paul Moore, Co-owner Rebel Chilli

Rebel Chilli produce a range of fresh chilli sauces, selling to the retail and food service sectors in Ireland. Rebel Chilli also exporting to Dubai and the U.K. Rebel Chilli has been in full time operations since 2014.

Raluca Saceanu, Marketing Manager Smartech

As Marketing Manager for a cyber security company, Raluca discusses why she got into marketing and the challenges faced by a world-class cybersecurity company on a day-today basis.

DC Cahalane, Founder Republic Of Work

Our very own DC Cahalane, tells the story behind REPUBLIC OF WORK, why we're here and what co-working is really all about!



Linda & Dan Kiely, VoxPro

We beginning our second series of videos with Dan & Linda Kiely from Voxpro. Taking it back to where it all began in 1973, how the business scaled through the years, utilising and growing a loyal client base and how they have created and will continue to create jobs in thier home of Cork.

Ann Doherty, Chef Executive of Cork City Council

Ann discusses the growth for Cork City; new developments, the game changers for the city and the next level of ambition for Cork.

Ernest Cantillon, Entrepreneurial Businessman; Electric & Sober Lane

Ernest chats to Jonathan Healy from buying his first bar (Sober Lane) at 22, growing and expanding through the recession, his dabel in the nightclub business and how the food trade continues to grow in Cork.

Aaron Mansworth, Group General Manager & Director of Trigon Hotel Group

Aaron chats to Jonathan Healy about hospitality, Trigon Hotels and the exciting new developments for Cork Hotels.


Peter and Dan, Co-founders of is one of the most powerful online tools, tell the incredibale story of how they got to where they are today with to how they are going to get to €100m annual recorded sales.

Claire Nash, owner @Nash19

Claire chats to Jonathan Healy about running a successful business over the past 25years. Trading through the recession and the Celtic Tiger, being part of the Cork Business Association and how the lovely coffee tradition is still alive and well in Cork.

Dave Ronayne, Chef Executive Mainport Shipping

Dave chats to Jonathan Healy about the shipping industry; and international company based in Cork that has continued to grow through two recessions and continues to strive for international expansion.

Kevin Cullinane, Head of Communications at Cork Airport

Kevin discusses plans to grow and diversify Cork Airport, making history with the first transatlantic flight from Cork and working to get back to boom passenger numbers.



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