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Lunchtime Learning: Top GDPR concerns for business - How to comply?

Topics covered:

  • Sensitive Data - What is sensitive data and what measures are businesses expected to take to protect it.

  • Policies - What policies, privacy notices and procedures a business requires vis-a-vis privacy regulatory compliance.

  • Data Mapping - To comply with Article 30 GDPR businesses need to maintain data process and asset inventories identifying owners, purpose, legitimate basis, security, technical and operational attributes and associated risks. We will talk you through what you need to do in practical terms.

  • Vendor Management - Businesses need to ensure that the suppliers and vendors they do business with are themselves compliant with the various privacy regulations. The evaluations to be conducted extend from contract review, policy and procedure review, capacity assessment, data mapping and risk management.


Fiona Ryan is Head of Customer Engagement at Spearline Risk & Compliance. Fiona is a certified Data Protection practitioner who has a background in the legal, financial and governance sectors. She has worked on developing the software product Spearline Data Protection from the outset, and subsequently designed and rolled out a managed service offering in conjunction with the software. Fiona is a qualified financial adviser with an LLB in Irish Law and Masters in Corporate Governance and Management. She is also a Chartered Secretary and a member of the Institute of Bankers and ICSA (Ireland).

Spearline Risk & Compliance is a global software company based in Ireland delivering solutions for the centralised management of data privacy and GDPR requirements.

Spearline Risk & Compliance is passionate about creating software solutions that are customer-centric, prioritising ease of use. Our software solution Spearline Data Protection is a simple to use, comprehensive, one platform product for organisations to manage their GDPR and Privacy compliance programmes. Spearline Managed Service is a Data Protection Specialist outsourcing service which provides highly skilled professionals to implement Data Protection Compliance programmes in part, or in entirety for global brands from start to finish.

For more information, or to request a Spearline Data Protection - Managed Services demo, visit, email contactus@spearline.comor call 1800 851266 / 00353 28 58563