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Lunchtime Learning: The 10 Pillars of Self-Confidence

  • Republic Of Work 12 South Mall Street Cork, County Cork Ireland (map)

The primary theme of this Lunchtime Learning is self-confidence not only in the workplace but in everyday life. Karina a self-confidence coach offers private consultations and holds monthly workshops under the Self-Confidence Boost Camp. This Lunchtime Learning will focus on importance of self-esteem, self-care and relaxation to achieve better results in life. You will be introduced to a simple guide on how to achieve self-confidence following the 10 pillars to empower yourself.

Do you talk yourself down every time you make a mistake, even the smallest one?

When someone pays you a compliment, do you refuse it by making a joke or changing the subject? Do you tend to do what is expected from you instead of what you really want to do? Do you find your feelings are easily hurt? Are you upset when you receive criticism even a constructive one?

We all have our low moments and it’s normal. It’s start being something to work on when it’s systematic.

You can easily recognise a self-confident person by the way this person is standing, walking, making eye contact, the tone of their voice as well as the pace of their speech. How do they do that? And more importantly how can you do the same too? Well the secret is accessible to anyone who wants to reach it and it will be delivered to you during this talk.

You will be given the keys to unlock your inner stronger and more assertive self. You will learn to recognise your real worth. We will be exploring ways in which to improve your self-image in order to make you shine like the star you really are.

Karina Taoughlist is a life and career coach who specialises in assertively gaining self-confidence, self-esteem and self-care to achieve positive results. She is a member of the Life and Business Coaching Association of Ireland and offers private consultations and organises monthly workshops under the Self-Confidence Boost Camp. Karina works with a variety of clients and guides them to become more resilient, improve assertiveness, gain clarity, start a professional journey, go back to work after a break or prepare for a promotion and more. Her ultimate goal is to help others find their inner strength to achieve their goals.

She began her career as a life coach after graduating with a Masters Degree in English Studies. She first came to Ireland in 2010 as part of her degree and fell with the country’s history and culture. Following her degree she enrolled and graduated in Executive and Life Coaching while also obtaining the QQI in Professional Coaching Practice and Ethics graduating with a Distinction.