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Lunchtime Learning: The Employee Experience with Fiona Donnelly

Join Fiona Donnelly Tuesday 11th September at Republic Of Work for a lunchtime session discussing The Four Pillars of Employee Experience. 

Employee Experience (EX) has been identified as a major component of employee engagement, motivation and performance.

Employees are the bedrock of organisational culture; and culture is shaped and developed by their everyday experiences and interactions within their work environment – however, there’s more to the story… Progressive organisations, keen to attract and retain talent, intentionally strive to design and manage high-value, integrated and end-to-end employee experiences.

In this talk, Fiona Donnelly will explore ‘The Four Pillars of Employee Experience’, the impact on Employer Brand, and what companies can do to create positive outcomes.

Tickets are available here.

More About Fiona Donnelly;

Employer Brand Strategist - Director at Nexus Consulting, based in Cork City, consulting, training and speaking throughout Ireland and the EU.

Fiona is one of the few solely-dedicated practitioners in employer brand strategy in Ireland. Her business background is in entrepreneurship, having spent almost 20 years directing various retail concerns. She has a broad range of commercial awareness and skills and a particular interest in the tech industry. 

Fiona holds a MA in Organisational Learning & Development, a BA in English and a Diploma in Business Management & Marketing. She is also an adjunct lecturer at University College Cork in Strategic HR Management and is a mentor and advisor for the IGNITE Graduate Business Programme at UCC and Enterprise Ireland.

Tickets are available here.