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Republic Of Work's Toastmasters

  • Republic Of Work 12 South Mall Street Cork, County Cork Ireland (map)

Is Toastmasters for you??

Well the answer is simple................ if you are 18 years and over........................ and under 120 years old....Yes.

Toastmasters will give you the platform to practice, the platform to develop your communication skills and the platform to develop your self confidence.

And the best part – the confidence you develop will follow you and support you in what ever career path you take.

If you are an entrepreneur, or business owner communication skills are vital to attract clients, investors and partners. Again If you cannot communicate with clarity, with credibility and confidence your business will suffer. With the confidence in  your communication skills you will promote your business with passion and purpose.

If you work for a company, big or small, and you bring confident communication skills to work, you are bringing value, a set of very valuable skills.  Employers place a high value on those that can communicate with clarity, credibility and confidence.

All skills you will develop with in Toastmasters.  All leaders need the skills of communication, they need the ability to connect with confidence.

If you are just looking to find your voice and develop the skills to stand and speak – Toastmasters is for you.

There it is – wether you are an employee, or employer, or looking for investors , leaders in communities and or of causes – and to those who just wish to find their voice.

Republic of Work Toastmasters is the place for You.

John Keating, a Toastmaster for 10 years and the founder of 3 very successful clubs, Bishopstown Toastmasters,  Emc Ireland Toastmasters Forum and West Cork Toastmasters will bring all that experience, with other Toastmasters in the formation of Republic of Work Toastmasters Club.

For John, Toastmasters is about Courage,  Confidence and Connection.

When the word courage first entered the English language it meant to speak from the heart.  When you speak from the heart you speak with authenticity. In today's world of empty soundbites, of empty rhetoric – when we hear someone speak with authenticity, we hear it, we feel it and it resonates with us.

Toastmasters attracts and develops people of courage.  It takes courage to pick up the phone and ask about Toastmasters, it takes courage to come to a club and takes courage to stand and speak.

A Toastmasters club is a safe, fun and supportive space to develop your courage.  Your payback for your courage is immense. It gives you that most special quality – confidence.  For true and long lasting confidence to develop you need the support and encouragement of others.

Confidence is a flower, it takes root, it starts to grow and then it blooms.  Toastmasters provides you the platform to practice and develop your communication skills.  People who face the fear of public speaking, they face that fear with the support and encouragement of all those gone before them.  All wishing and wanting all new members success.

John's passion is to see the metamorphosis in the confidence of members, from Caterpillar to beautiful butterflies.  Self doubt becomes Self confidence.

If you wish to learn more do contact John on 085 7202 808 or email