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Lunchtime Learning: The Secrets to More Freedom - How to Avoid Burnout in your Personal and Professional Life

  • Republic Of Work 12 South Mall Street Cork, County Cork Ireland (map)

The Secrets to More Freedom - How to Avoid Burnout in your Personal and Professional Life

How many times have you thought to yourself: “Why am I doing this? Or What’s it all for?

How often have you felt drained after a day of working too hard for way to little?

And how many times have you felt overwhelmed by your business?

What if you knew how to work less and get paid more? Imagine if every day was filled with clear focused action, that got you results, in less time and with more return! Not only would you have more money, you would have more time with your family or yourself - you would have more freedom.

If you are sick and tired of struggling, trying to manage everything, and you know there must be a better way. Then I want to help you get on a path to more freedom in your life - without stress. In this special one of a kind workshop you will walk away with:

  • Resources to start creating the change in your life and business/career right away

  • Practical tools that will help avoid burnout

  • Ways you can make more money and work less hours or transition to more satisfying jobs

  • All of my secrets to clear focused action that will open up an amazing window of freedom in your life

Register now for this free lunchtime session on Tuesday January 15th at Republic Of Work.

More About Saskia:

Saskia Remer helps professionals working way too much for way too little - to go from burnout to breakthrough in their business and their personal life. She demonstrates how clear focused action can make a whole lot more doing a whole lot less, and open up an amazing window of freedom in your life.

At the age of 12 Saskia Kremer went on a road trip with Mother Teresa which inspired her to follow in her footsteps and decided to dedicate her life to those in need.

After her studies of Philosophy and Theology in France, she travelled and worked with people around the globe, helping them discover their meaning in life even in the most difficult situations of war, immigration or extreme poverty. In her early thirties, Saskia was on the edge of a breakdown and burnout. She decided to turn her life around and went back to Holland, her country of origin. After additional studies in counselling, trauma healing and traditional Chinese medicine she eventually started her own business: helping people find their way back into the working field after illness, metal health issues or serious accidents.

Years later she ended a destructive relationship and moved to Ireland with her two young children. Starting a new life in a new country was challenging, but also gave her the opportunity to restructure her business. As a single mom having a business without generating any income was just not an option. She turned things around and within 6 months quadrupled her income. It is her passion to show you how you can open your own window of freedom and create the life you are longing for!

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