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Lunchtime Learning: The Secret to an Awesome Workplace

  • REPUBLIC OF WORK 12 South Mall Cork, County Cork, T12 RD43 Ireland (map)

What are the main psychological needs that people have? How does this play out in the workplace? What happens when those needs aren't met? How does meeting those needs influence productivity? How can you help your team to meet these needs, and how will that help your business? And how does all of this affect our lives outside the workplace? Find the answers to these questions and more by signing up for the talk "The Secret to an Awesome Workplace". Don't miss this chance to boost productivity and overall happiness and well being of yourself and your team. 

Who is this talk for?

  • Managers

  • Leaders

  • Human resource professionals

  • Trainers

  • Coaches

  • Individuals interested in boosting their productivity and well being.

Register now for this free Lunchtime Learning session on 11th June at Republic of Work.

More about Leilani van Rheenen, Multicultural Emotional Fitness Specialist:

Leilani van Rheenen is a multicultural Emotional Fitness Specialist. Her diversified background is reflected in her style, as she combines passion with strategy and emotion with logic. She is trained as a certified life coach by Fowler Wainwright Institute, as a strategic interventionist by Tony Robbins Center for Strategic Intervention, and as a non-formal education trainer by the EU Salto Training of Trainers.

She has delivered 83 trainings around the world to date, working for the EU Education, Training and Youth Programs as well as universities, private companies and individuals. Her insight on emotional intelligence, and more importantly how to develop it, is coming not only from her background and experience, but also from understanding and overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges in her own life. Her passion for developing emotional intelligence came when she realized that everything she was able to achieve in her life, especially when the odds were against her, were due to emotional intelligence.

She prefers to call it emotional fitness, since she discovered that it is not fixed and can be developed with awareness and practice similar to a fitness and health program. After seeing the results that emotional fitness had for her and for the people she trained, she decided that emotional fitness was a survival kit, and a key to success that everyone should have access to. Piece by piece, she put together the essential elements of emotional fitness in a comprehensive training program, and as such created the first comprehensive education system for developing emotional intelligence.

You can find more info about Leilani van Rheenen and her Emotional Fitness Program at