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Lunchtime Learning: Attract and Retain Talent in Cork’s Competitive Employment Market

Lunchtime Learning: Attract and Retain Talent in Cork’s Competitive Employment Market.

As the labour market continues to heat up in Cork, companies are now struggling to recruit and retain key talent. 

Does the choice of employer lie in the hands of employees? In today’s job market it does and business owners must address the causes of attrition in their workforce. Employee loyalty is hard to earn and happiness hard to foster but they are ultimately the key to business success; and huge cost savings. 

The reasons a great employee leaves (or the methods of how to keep one) can be a bit of a mystery if you haven’t had time to think deeply about your company culture, or if you’re just starting to build out the business this is an essential think tank and talk. We will give you some surprising facts about staff retention and how to avoid losing key staff members as well as helping you identify the culture your company best suits. 

This talk sets out to explain some clever ideas on how to retain staff in a simple step by step way from the moment they are hired. If you are struggling with the turnover or even want to foster a good work culture you will find this talk particularly interesting.

Sign up for this free Lunchtime Learning session Tuesday 30th July at Republic of Work.

More about Recruitment Manager at CSA, Sam Nicholson:

Sam works for a successful recruitment agency CSA Personnel Consultants based in Cork City that specialises in both temporary and permanent recruitment of office staff. Established back in 1967, CSA were Cork’s first employment agency.

He started his career in financial services before an opportunity came up to get involved in the family business. He’s the third generation to be involved in the business.

As Recruitment Manager at CSA, he is known for his diligent and agile working style. His intuition plays a key role in aligning cultural fit and comes from years’ experience placing a variety of support roles in an even wider range of different business environments.

Today, Sam is the trusted recruitment partner to some of Corks most successful companies. His consistency, professionalism and sparky sense of humour ensures a smooth and successful recruitment process with minimum fuss.

More about Director of City Card, Patricia Fitzgerald: 

Patricia has worked in a many corporate businesses across different cultures and countries for over 20 years.  Her experience has taken her through Financial Services, Big 4 Accounting, High Tech start up which sold for $4.8bn, Manufacturing Industry and Tech companies.  

She has recently started her own company and launched Cork Card; similar has been successful in other Countries and is a new concept to Ireland. Based in Cork for the last 6 years she has launched the company in Cork with a view to rolling it out across Ireland.  

Patricia has seen culture in huge fast paced success stories to stable long running businesses and what works and doesn't work to keep staff happy, motivated and productive.