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Lunchtime Learning: Developing a Mindset for Success in Business

  • REPUBLIC OF WORK 12 South Mall Cork, County Cork, T12 RD43 Ireland (map)

The definition of an obstacle is ‘a thing that blocks one’s way or prevents or hinders progress’ We all have the ability to maneuver our way around physical blocks but what happens when the obstacle hindering our progress is our own mind?

In order to see real success in life and our business we need to have habits that support us in this area, in particular effective thinking habits. When we are faced with a new challenge in our business there is a very common pattern of thought that takes place. Initially there is excitement and energy around what is happening, this gets us fired up and kicks us towards taking action. However when we do anything new, that takes us out of the comfort zone, it eventually starts to bring up thoughts around our abilities and possible negative outcomes. These are obstacle thoughts, they lead us down the path of self doubt and eventually to a lack of confidence.

This is actually a very natural and perfectly normal process, you see our brain does not like it when we feel uncomfortable, it perceives it as a threat and something that may cause us harm. So it will do everything in its power to get us back to safety. This is wonderful for our survival but not so good for our success.

In Developing a Mindset for Success I will look at this process and teach you how you can learn habits that minimise these effects and help you become more resilient and have greater self confidence in the face of new challenges.

This is ideal for anyone who is invested in creating a thriving business, whilst maintaining a healthy mindset so that you get to enjoy the process and reduce stress and overwhelm.

Register now for this free Lunchtime Learning session on 9th June at Republic of Work.

About Tracy Geraghty, Life Coach:

Tracy Geraghty is a goal setting coach, her passion for helping others to reach their dreams and goals has come from her personal experiences of adversity and challenge. Over the years she has discovered a natural ability towards problem solving and reinvention, but it didn’t come easily.

She started her career as a Nurse and after 10 years in a variety of roles she moved into the Pharmaceutical sector where she worked as a Medical Sales Representative for over 13 years. Then a series of life changing events lead to a major shift in circumstances. Starting with the break down of her marriage, then being made redundant and faced with becoming a single parent of two small children. Her son had also been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease around this time and required regular medical intervention and home schooling when he had a flare up.

The whole process took a major toll but it never stopped her from working to create a successful future for herself and her children. It took a few years to get back up on her feet again and her first venture was running workshops on Interview Technique for teenagers in schools. Her interest in personal development, and a strong desire to help others who have underestimated their potential, lead her to pursue a career as a Life Coach and she is trained in Strategic Intervention through the Robbins Madanes coaching school.

Over the last two years Tracy has developed a program called No Limit Goals, which goes to the very heart of goal setting, working from the inside out. This is something that Tracy knows all about, because it wasn’t until she invested in improving her self beliefs and broke down all of her doubts, that she had the confidence to build her business.

“It is my belief that we all have so much more potential then we can possibly even imagine. My goal and purpose is to help others to tap in to their potential and give them the tools to create an amazing and successful life”

You can view Tracy's website for more information.