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Republic of Work is a space for work to happen. Not just any work, but your best work; the most productive, innovative, forward-thinking work that you have ever done. It is an environment for dreamers to become do-ers, for thinkers to bring their vision to the real world, a place to start and scale your business.

For grown-up businesses it gives your people a chance to think outside your business about the future of your business. It's about freedom from cubicles, freedom to think and create, to interact with imaginative thinkers, to imagine the possibilities.

WORK Together

Beyond just a space, REPUBLIC OF WORK is a shared community of like-minded business people determined to grow their businesses. 


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Bank of Ireland is proudly supporting Cork businesses and startups. As Founding Partners in REPUBLIC OF WORK, Bank Of Ireland are taking practical steps to help businesses meet, connect and grow.

Bank Of Ireland's four scholarship desks will house: startups, researchers, NGOS and multinationals looking to set up operations in Cork. 

Powering REPUBLIC OF WORK is Bank Of Ireland's latest step to help Cork businesses thrive. For early-stage startups, they offer Workbench Bank of Ireland 70 Patrick Street; a free, professional work environment in the city centre. Here we will help you focus on getting to market, as you grow and produce revenue, we can help you take the next step into REPUBLIC OF WORK, a longer-term home.

Our Cork Startup Community Manager, Ita O’Sullivan, leads these efforts to support Cork business, please don’t hesitate to contact her on ita.o’


Nespresso coffee expertise enables anyone to make the perfect espresso coffee!

At REPUBLIC OF WORK, Nespresso contributes to the community by offering the best quality coffee. We believe coffee breaks are key to enriching relationships; turning a quick conversation into a long lasting connection. Coffee offers a welcome pause and an opportunity to discuss and share ideas in a relaxed manner.


The REPUBLIC OF WORK team are powered by - they're product is specifically designed to streamline tasks and increase productivity! At REPUBLIC OF WORK we use Teamwork (Chat, Desk and Projects) to make life easier by coordinating processes and communication within our internal team.

Teamwork Projects is all about getting things done by creating task lists and tasks and assigning them to the team. Teamwork Desk ensures all our enquiries are answered and Teamwork Chat is an instant messenger that is used by all the ROW team for immediate communication! 

Teamwork are constantly coming up with ways to improve and expand their product, and listen to customer requests, especially if the request will add value to there product.

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